Stephan Hambsch Director of Photography

Nolitha Kibido's story is about a resilient South African athlete, so in the spirit of the Paralympic games, we wanted to share her story.

With the many low’s faced during a time of difficulty, we look to those who have overcome many challenges in spite of the odds against them, in favour of Nolitha’s story the tag #tellmeyoucan is created to inspire those around us by sharing your own tell me you can story, using the tag #tellmeyoucan

To help support Nolitha and the awesome athletic community she’s a part of - hop over to WBSA website and help invest into these young athletic careers.

Client: WBSA

Athlete: Nolitha

Director: Lucinda Ohlson
DP: Stephan Hambsch
Gaffer: Desmond Gqitekaya
Editor: Des Dlamnini
AD: @callmeteems
Data wrangler @motsibishi